5 days left to accept new conditions - but I have already accepted it!

  • 16 July 2021
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Dear Shadow


Some time ago I have received an e-mail about accepting new conditions, I clicked the link provided, logged it and accepted the new conditions on my account page. My June invoice was still with the old price though. 


Now I receive yet the 2nd e-mail stating I have 5 days to accept the new conditions or I will loose my shadow. I click on the link provided in the e-mail again and it takes me to my shadow account page, then I see nothing there about accepting the new conditions (I guess because I have already accepted them couple of weeks ago). 


Will I loose my shadow in 5 days? What can I do to make sure my shadow will be ok? 


Thank you for your help!


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4 replies


Can someone help me out? I am worried about loosing my shadow :/ 

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Hi @VIVES_Matt 

Please reach out to shadow support directly via your account page and open a ticket. That is the only official way to find out. -Gelgoog


It was solved. My shadow is safe ;)

The same happened to me. I just created a ticket for it. Fingers crossed.