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  • 22 May 2021
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Hello community

I have been using shadow as a gaming PC since I first discovered it back in 2018.
And it has been a great journey with no issues at all.
Lately something happened that changed all that for me and now I feel that I have really been let down by the company that I have supported and told everyone about for the last 2 years.
I want to share this with the community to get some response as I mostly feel a lot of hurt about their treatment of this case, but mostly confused.

Last month I got a warning stating that I have broken the Terms of Use in the code of conduct.
I immediately responded and asked what broke the ToU and got and response stating that they were no going to disclose their detection methods...

In the time between here, I did a full system scan with my paid antivirus and shut it down to prevent further warnings.

I then responded that I was not asking how they detect, but what they detected, so I know what compromises where in my shadow so I could actively prevent it better.
They responded again saying, they were not going to disclose detection methods..............
Here they advised me to:

Change my password.
Reset my instance to factory default.
Put a password on Windows on my instance to prevent abuse.

At this point, I have received one warning on my account, for breaking the Terms of Use, but I have no idea what exactly broke it.
I then decided to follow their recommendations and:
Reset the password on my account using and insane complex password,
Reset shadow instance to factory,
And as soon I had access to it, I immediately added a Windows password and reinstalled my paid version of Bitdefender.
It was late that evening, so I turned it off after that and started to prepare for bed.
5 minutes after I turned it off, I got an second ToU warning.....
I wrote back and asked again, WHAT, broke the CoC and got the same answer that they were not going to disclose HOW they detect things....

At this point I was too afraid to turn on Shadow and did not touch it for a week.
While I am still waiting for a response, I slowly got to courage to turn it on again. And start using it.

Here I am today:
I have two warnings for breaking the terms of use in their code of conduct, but they will not tell me what I did wrong.
Only that I did break it.

I still have no idea what I did wrong.
I still have a small fear of being disconnedted from the service, not knowing what i did wrong, as three warnings results in a ban.
I fell that Shadow is trying to force me away with no reason.

Is there anything I have done wrong?
Why won’t shadow just tell me what I did wrong?
I do not care about how they detect it, I just want to know what they found.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this.

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Hey @Exill 
At this point I would open a ticket with a harsh, serious but not unfriendly message because this is not how it should be and might be a misunderstanding. Make clear that you want to receive information about which part of the CoC you violated and what you can do about it, and that you are not interested in how this was detected in any way. Until you get a serious response from support I would recommend to not use (and not plug in) controllers, steering wheels, gamepads or drawing tablets since they CAN (might) cause the shutdown timer to not kick in, which might be recognized as shutdown hibernation.

If you really have serious issues with the communication to support you should ask for another support agent. If this does not help you have to option to join the English Shadow Discord server (https://discord.com/invite/shadow). Make sure to accept the rules by going into the #rules channel, then click one of the icons (emojis) below them to get access to the server. Then you can look out for Malte (Community Manager) who should be online for a few hours a day. Send him a private message. Describe your issue and ask for help, maybe attach screenshots.