• 28 November 2020
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Ok so i haveen with Shadow from basically the very start. I have always paid on time with a couple times not due to banking issues. Turns out i paid my bill but been away for a week due to my work needing a forklift driver.


I have came back today and it has stated my account vm is no longer part of my account. I have no active subscription. I paid and i now have an email with an activation code.


My details on my account are wrong, it is not my mobile number and the d.o.b is 1970 which is wrong as i am 1990.

I have tried messaging regarding this and no one is getting in touch with me. I have lost everything on the VM and now i am waiting for activation.

Paris was the data centre i was in. Any ideas what i should do here.

I have sent pictures in the emails stating the details being wrong etc but no one is replying and im getting to the point od just asking for a refund of my money.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.




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So that is a thing, I heard a lot here.. The support is not really “the yellow from the egg” (Sorry had to do that, every German here will understand).. Nobody can help you here.. The issue you have con only be solved by official support. The support can provide you with a link where you can download all your stuff 30 days after your subscription has ended. Secondly you will probably have to wait for 2021 if you will renew your subscription, because you will get qued up like everybody else who buys a new shadow (if you renew your subscription). I would contact support again via shadow control panel ( → Help. 

Best luck,

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I’m sorry for your experience, but you will receive the best assistance from official support channels on the website. The forum can’t really help with unique, individual situations like this, except to give you a place to vent.