• 3 August 2020
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I have 2 things to ask anyone that knows what is happening right now.

  1. my page it says that my account will be activated on “august 2020” does anyone know if there is an exact day or week that it will be activated. I have been waiting for months on end and really wanted my account back like the good old days with shadow
  2. why is there no weekly update for this week (3rd of august 2020) it always shows up on the Monday of each week but nothing showed up this week.

thank you


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2 replies

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To answer your second question, don’t worry they will post it soon. They always post it ever Monday so it should be up shortly!

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ad 1) check the latest activation post how far they are at your data center to have a rough idea when you will be activated


ad 2) at the moment it seems they are posting close to midnight UTC-7