Activation date is today but no signs of VM or info

  • 29 July 2021
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Today is the activation day of my VM. But there is still no VM in “My Shadow” account page. And when using the app, it says my Shaddow is being set up.


I read the info on activation, and it says that activation dates can change due to resources not being available,… but the date is now today. So I expect my VM today. I even took time off from work for a few days to enjoy it. 

Can anyone tell me if the activation dates are still reliable? Since no info on activation has been posted since the takover by OVH. They said there would be a short delay, follow by increase in deployment. That was a month ago. 

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1 reply

So I logged a ticket with support at got quite the sad response: 

  • My account (Ordered 20th of January) will not be activated before 30th of August. 
  • They informed me, to get a better estimate, I should look on my account page. Well, there the date is still 29th of July
  • They also informed me I can see weekly updates on the forum. There hasn’t been an weekly update for weeks now. 

I really hope the wait is worth it.