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  • 28 May 2022
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Shadow’s order process led me to believe it would be active within 1 hour.

My account page says “Waiting activation”, and the “My Orders” tab has nothing in it, so I cannot see an estimate.

Anything I can do to expedite activation or get an estimate? 

Any estimates for someone on the east coast of the US?

Thank you.


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2 replies

I have the exact same issue right now. Kind of bummed. If you can't activate within 1 hour, then don't put that promise on your website. 

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Hi @default114, thank you for subscribing to Shadow and welcome to #TeamShadow. 


Sorry to hear about the delay in your activation. I’ll be sure to pass your experience to our Data Center Team.


Although it is an automated process, it can take longer over the weekend depending on the number of new activations.


Activation times can change over time and depend on available components, employee resources, data center capacity, and how many other Shadow users are waiting that ordered before you. For more information, see our blog posts here:


I recommend waiting for our automatic email that informs when your Shadow will be activated and ready to go. For your reference, your subscription time does not begin until your Shadow is activated.