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  • 28 May 2020
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I orded Shadow Boost around 6 days ago. And i searched through the whole internet for information about Shadow activation times. I read a post that said it was 0 to 15 days. But that was from 2018 so i dont know if that is still the case.

On it will say: “Available in August 2020”.

By reading that i was completely confused… Is it 0 to 15 days until activation? Is it activated in 2020? 
I am really confused and i hope somebody can reply to this with info about account activation.




(Btw I live in the netherlands, maybe it will help)


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5 replies

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Hello @Gersom thanks for reaching out to the Shadow community with your question,

You can check out this article about the impact COVID-19 is having, the Shadow blog team keeps it fairly updated. I also recommend checking out the discord for more detailed wait times of each datacenter in the #activation-status channel. 

That will give you a more accurate date for when you will get activated. 

(All US data centers are planned for late June 2020 now for boost except California not sure about netherlands)


If you are still not activated by late August 2020 reach out to support. Other than that Shadow is a pre-order so it will take time.


If you need any help let me know.


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Here is a more simple reply to your question.


If you ordered before May 27th than you can get your shadow before the end of june.

If you ordered after that, you will have to wait until July 23rd.


I do not know about other countries. This is for the United States. 

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On a side note remember to search the forum so we don’t clog it up with the same question, you can do that by using the search bar on the top of the website.




@Sail Thanks for your reply! I looked at the discord server:  "Shadow (EU - ENG)” But i couldnt find the #activation-status


Do you have a link to the discord where that channel is? 


I've been waiting since 4/29 in tx1 this is really frustrating to sit here and check my email like every other hour and support isn't really giving an answer my subscription got activated Monday and I'm still not activated yet is there someone who can answer on a timeline for activation?