Additional Storage

  • 22 February 2022
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Storage is available for purchase through your account page under the “Subscriptions & Billings” tab starting April 23rd, 2020.  However, once storage on the data center has run out, you’ll no longer be able to add additional storage to your account until more is allocated or someone gives up their additional storage.


When additional storage becomes available, you will be able to add/remove increments of 256GB to your Shadow via your account page, up to a total of 2 TB of additional storage.  Storage is charged per month.


Once your order is confirmed, you must shut down Windows and reboot it in order to activate your additional storage on Shadow.  You’ll find all additional storage on the D Drive on your Shadow.  We highly recommend backing up your data on any extra storage you’ve purchased just in case you end up removing the storage.

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