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  • 3 March 2021
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I'm a Shadow Boost subscriber in Europe and I'm on the annual plan. I'm getting a bit bored at having to manage disk space so I've been thinking about buying more storage. 


I was wondering if I was to buy more, does that tie me into paying for it until the end of my annual billing period, or is it a monthly thing? I searched around and couldn't find anything that confirmed what would happen one way or another. 


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Awesome. Thanks for your help. 

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Hey @Ponies !
The additional storage is not bound to your current contract which means that you can add and remove additional storage without any problems. It will be activated about 2 hours after you buy it and you could cancel it at any time.

Note that additional storage is on a separate drive which means you will have a C drive and you will get an additional D drive. When ordering more additional storage it will not create an additional partition every time. Additional storage always stays at D, which means that you can have a maximum of 2 drives. 

Additional storage is 3$ per month per 256GB. 
I hope I was able to answer your questions.