Additional storage crowdfunding

  • 10 January 2022
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Lately I've gotten more and more frustrated by the unavailability of the additional storage for Amsterdam. I have been very patient (been waiting for over a year, and never once have I seen additional storage available. I've asked support about this, but they say that I have to be patient. The problem is, that I can simply not play certain games like Ark: Survival Evolved, because it takes up more space then I have available.


I understand that shadow cannot snap their fingers and create more additional storage, but I want to post a suggestion. If this is a monetary problem, I would be willing to pay a one time fee to expand the availability of the storage, to make sure that I at least can upgrade my shadow. I understand that one guy donating doesn't make a difference, but I would be willing to pay 50 euro's if I could have at least 250 gb of extra storage (and of course the 3 euros p/m that it costs for the extra storage). I'm quite sure a lot of other guys would also be willing to pay extra for this, because uninstalling and reinstalling games is a chore, or they also run into the problem of having not enough storage space. I would love to hear if this is an option. Otherwise, I really hope it becomes available soon.


Another thing I would like is a waiting list. You could let shadow know that you want 'x’ amount of storage and as soon as it is possible it will be added to your account. (250gb per person at a time)


It just sucks, because shadow is such a good alternative to owning a big and expensive PC myself, but it frustrates the hell out of me that I cannot play certain games and find myself having to reinstall all the time.


I hope there is some possibilities in this regard.



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