Additional Storage, what's going on?

  • 10 November 2021
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Hi there,

i’m waiting for the availability of additional storage. 256 GB is not contemporary any longer. On my account page the buyable storage is remarked as “sold out”, the last entry of this topic is written on June 2021. Is there something ongoing? Is there any timeline you can publish here?

Thanks for answering my question and i wish a nice day



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Hi @Darkwolf1171 

As you aptly pointed out atm additional storage is sold out at this time. 

Hi @Darkwolf1171 

As you aptly pointed out atm additional storage is sold out at this time. 

And this is really the best support you can offer? Repeat a sentence I can read on my account Page? No word on when the memory will be available? No word on how old the forum posts are on this? I can’t see any development on this. 


That’s very sad. 


The only thing I have to thank you for is that I received a response at all.

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Hey @Darkwolf1171 
If there was an update or any ETA’s on this you would have been informed about that here. For now the Paris datacenter is the only datacenter with additional storage available. Due to some reconstructing within the company and the project Shadow itself some things are just delayed. Right now Shadow is also beginning a new friendship :) (partnership) with OVH, the company which will provide hardware to  Shadow in the future (and does already). Things start rolling (slow but steady) again, but right now there is just no possible way to predict when you will be able to add more storage to your Shadow, as too many factors, also unknown factors, play a role in this. 

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I hope that Shadow can get additional storage out to the US in the not too distant future. There’s several additional games I’d like to install but simply can’t due to space constraints. Some games take up to 80 GB. That takes a big bite out of a 256 GB drive. I need at least one additional 256 GB drive to install the rest of the games I’d like to play.