After waiting for over 6months and 3 days before the scheduled activation I have to follow up...

  • 28 May 2021
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..myself, to find out that it is on indefinite hold. Preorder = cancelled :rolling_eyes:


I really hope that Plutosphere and some of the other services that are planned to release soon, and who are using established server infrastructure, rather than filing for bankruptcy to get out of paying their debts, will do a better job than this poorly managed excuse for a startup. 


For anyone hoping that Shadow is on the right path now, feel free to check out reviews of Hubic (the company that acquired them.) :rofl:


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Also hilarious that people now have activations scheduled for 2022, by then the GPU market will have stabilized and no one in their right mind will use their services. Maybe Hubic bought them out so that they could get some cheap low end GPU’s🤣