Anyone elses setup delayed with no reply from shadow?

  • 2 May 2022
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Signed up for the service and have now surpassed the time setup was due to be completed. 


Tried to contact shadow but no reply to my tickets and their robot chat works about as well as cyberpunk 2077 on release day. 


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2 replies

Disheartening to see so many people reporting the same issue.  Clearly they cannot provide service within one hour, yet they continue to market as such… I've been waiting a couple of hours, and I think I'm going to cancel. I can't do business with companies that don't honor their own commitments.

Honestly I won't be continuing with the service. Good as it might be. Dealing with their staff isn't worth it. 

Essentially they balls'ed my order up due to out date software and then told me I'd have to make a new account and place a new order at full cost whilst waiting 10 days for a refund on the amount I'd already paid. 

Offered me €5 off for the first month for the inconvenience (after I insisted on something) despite the fact a quick Google finds a €10 discount on a 3rd party. 

Im sure their office and the people (assuming they aren't trained chimps) in it would make for a fantastic sitcom. 

Backrupt once before and heading there again is my guestimation.