Billing issues?

  • 17 August 2021
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Looks like you’re having billing issues on your end.  My bank shows no authorization attempts against either of the cards I tried to use.  Attempts to get in touch with support have failed.

I can’t even login to download my save files.


If you delete my account, assume you’ll never see me as a subscriber again.


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Hey @MountainGoat 
This is a community forum. Only a few people here work for Shadow, and are not able to help you either. Please contact support via your account page. if you do not have access to your account please use 

Yup, I’ve logged a ticket and hadn’t been able to get a hold of them, so was trying to get it escalated in hopes of a response.  


They did respond, with a canned email response that shows they didn’t bother to read the content of my message.  Looks like their processor can’t process a credit card transaction properly (same card, same issuer as all the previous payments, but now their processor is declining it without even passing it to my bank for approval).


Why this is my problem to solve isn’t clear - their processor isn’t even submitted the transaction to my bank, so there is literally nothing I can do.  I guess they really don’t want to keep customers, which surprises me given how many they have lost from the price increase.

Wow.  I'd been reading the complaints about poor customer service, but took them with a grain of salt until this.  I think that I must be emailing with a bot because it keeps ignoring what I write, asks me to do the same thing that I've already done, and refuses to do any troubleshooting.

Their system keeps declining my charge, but my bank has no record of any decline or even charge attempt, so it's definitely an issue with their system or their processor.  But they keep telling me to contact my bank and ignore that I have done so, and told them that I have multiple times.  They refuse to troubleshoot their own systems, or contact their processor for more information.  Nothing have changed on my end, and they'd been successfully charging for several months, and the one time payment link actually works with that very same card, so something definitely changed in their system or processor, but again, they just keep saying ‘contact your bank’, and not reading what I write.


I’m giving support one last chance to actually read and respond to what I've written, then will just give up and wait for my steam deck to show up to play games again.  You'd think that with all the customer cancellations they'd be more interested in keeping one that's actually trying to give them money!

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@MountainGoat Where are you located? Country/Region..

US.  This had been working for months - no changes on my end.  No new card, no new address - nothing.  Suddenly fails and my bank doesn’t even see an auth attempt, so its either in shadows system or the third party processor.  It is never actually declined by my bank (which is one of the largest in the world, so I’m confident they know what they’re saying).  The fact that the one-time link, with exactly the same info, works indicates that it’s a bug in their billing system.


My interest in helping them troubleshoot their system problems only goes so far….and it doesn’t extend to listening to canned email responses that don’t actually involve reading what I wrote.  One more go around, then I’ll just cancel and find another option, or wait for the steam deck.