Boost ordered at 1. January 2020 with activated boost, still waiting...

  • 9 June 2020
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first sorry for my bad english. I haven’t write a long time before in this language.


So here are my problem:

In January 2020 i have an activated Shadow Boost, it was a free month which i have won in a contest.

During this time, on the 1. January 2020, i decided to order my boost, so that i can use theme countinously.

At the 15. January 2020, my free month from Shadow Boost ends and my Boost was deactivated, my preorder was allmost active.


Since this date i’m waiting for it, i have write the german support team, but nothing happens.

So my question:
Where is my Boost? Where is the problem to activate me? I know many things about server and remote connections, i know many about databases and account managment, but i don’t know where your problem is to activate me!


Please let me know more information about the problem.


Yours faithfully 



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Hey Lycatherian! In general, the latest updates on activation can be found in our weekly updates here on the forum, for determining when you’ll be activated.  However, as you mentioned that you reached out to German Support for this, they may be able to provide further information regarding your specific case.