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  • 12 May 2021
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i subscribed to Shadow Boost in January 2021, and it seems it will not be available in France before September 2021. I have 3 questions:

• As i can’t find the option on my account, is it possible to already upgrade it to Shadow Infinite in order to start right away with it?

• Is there any possibility to get it before September 2021 (by subscribing to a Shadow US or UK maybe)?

• I own a visual creative company which uses a lot of 3D and CGI in the fields of fashion and video games. Is there any professional subscriptions existing in order to be able to use multiple Shadows?







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Hey @Guillaume 
1. France has not received Ultra and Infinite tiers yet. It is currently being worked on. Answer is no for now.
2. If you would order today the soonest date you could get (currently) is December 31st for activation. The waiting time is likely to decrease, depending on some company decisions in the coming weeks and months. Answer is no, sadly not. You would also have to deal with more latency and artifacts if you order from a different datacenter than the recommended one. 
3. You can check for more information on this one, but the standard boost tier is fine for most content creators and CGI artists. At least for smaller projects..