CA & NY Shadow Ultra & Infinite additional storage migration?


The FAQ says that California and New York datacenter users will need to back up their data. 

If you are in the California or New York datacenter, … You[r] data will be reset during the migration, so make sure to backup your hard drive prior (you won't be able to do it during the migration).

Please note: migrations in the California & New York datacenters require a hard drive reset because your account is transfered to a new datacenter.  

However, the FAQ also states additional storage will remain intact during migration.

Your additional storage remains intact as an add-on to your base subscription. 

Will California and New York datacenter migrations reset customers’ main drives but preserve their additional storage?


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I asked this on the FAQ but received no reply, I will assume for now that the answer is “no” and that additional storage is not preserved and is reset along with the main drive.


ok ever since the last four months, i have been waiting constintly and seeing all the emails i receive from shadow pc about getting the new upgrade. PLEASe for the love of god . WHEN WILL I GET UPGRADED!!!!!!!