Cancelling Shadow and downgrading from Infinite. (I know that's not possible but what are my options anyway?)

  • 22 December 2020
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Hello, recently subscribed Infinite User here, I know there isn’t really a way to “downgrade” yet, however there’s a few problems I’m having. I’m not looking for refunds to what I’ve already paid this month or last month, or hell, even what I pay for my next billing date since I don’t even know if Shadow has already charged me for Infinite yet.

The issues I’m having is apparently my internet, since I haven’t had problems in the past before Shadow with slow downloads, slow uploads or lag, and using N-GFN without connectivity issues. I thought my internet would be good enough for Shadow, but apparently that’s not the case. Even with Shadow Boost I never had as much lag or screen display degradation. 

I also just learned a few hours ago that a buddy of mine is upgrading his PC so I’ll be getting his relatively new “old” computer parts. Seeing as this is the situation now, I can’t think of a better wording, so I don’t see the point in continuing to keep my membership at Shadow.

However, despite my bad experience and my new situation, all my problems with Shadow were purely on my end, I never had to reach out to Shadow support before this or fix issues myself that were experience breaking aside from my lag. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I don’t mind paying for the next billing date if my switch to Infinite hasn’t already been charged, I don’t feel right getting to use Infinite and then “skipping out” on my payment for it, if I can somehow cancel my subscription to Shadow entirely, that is. 

Anything that can be done about my predicament? Thanks in Advance.

~ Owl


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Hey, thanks for reaching out.  Unfortunately, we do not provide support for billing or financial situations on the forum.  I’d highly advise you to reach out to our support team with the information you wrote above so they can assist you further.