Do i have any advantage because i ordered sooner?

  • 30 August 2021
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i saw a topic from another user about his shadow boost activation. He shared a screenshot showing he ordered Shadow Boost on august 26th 2021 and his esimated activation day was the same day. August 26th 2021. now I am wonderingwhy my activation date was the 30th of August, although i ordered in january this year. 

Now i got the information, that my Shadow Boost activation will be happen before the 25th of November and i am wondering if the user i told about will get his shadow sooner the me, even when he ordered way later than me.


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2 replies

I’ve got the same issue. Ordered Feb 2021 … Shadow Boost will be activated before 25th of November. (Amsterdam taking a bit longer, like almost a year)


Can’t you just activate a bunch of servers more in Paris, if that’s easier and make those accessible? – It’s really not that much further away than Amsterdam. 

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Hey @vincentbaar 
Activation time depends on region. Different regions are differently fast with the activation process, depending on infrastructure availability and demand (etc.). Paris for example activates users within a few days, while amsterdam needs a bit longer. So yes, there is a big chance that people who order after you, receive it earlier. I hope I was able to help with that. If not, let me know.