Do I just wait now?

  • 13 July 2021
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I recieved the email shown and clicked on the "claim your free month" button and my shadow page now shows the following instead of due 24th June 2021. Do I just wait now as it says you must accept the new pricing but the link just take you to a blog post? Thanks 


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3 replies

Yes, if you’ve accepted the new monthly price by accepting the terms then that's all you need to do. I did this the other day as well and I have to wait. I’m hoping that since they have started activations again that we’ll get our machines soon(plus they may have a lot of machines to re-purpose since a lot of people left over the change in price). Mine still says by July 30th, which I’m hoping is accurate.

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I don't know if I've accepted the new price plan! I want to but as shown on in the photo, the "new offer" that's highlighted just goes to a blog post. How did you accept the new terms? 

Not sure why it is going to the blog post. You may want to contact support. I clicked on the button in the email and read the terms, selected the box to agree and I was done. My order now shows the new price, so if you check your order and it doesn’t perhaps you didn’t accept the new terms and you may need to contact support.