Don't Hold Your Breath

  • 12 October 2021
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There are many would-be Shadow users who have gotten their activation dates moved back to December 31st 2021. I just wanted to tell the people who have their activation dates the same to not expect Shadow to deliver on time and consider a refund. I don’t think that Shadow will be able to deliver on Dec 31st because:

  • It’s a seemingly arbitrary date that MANY subscriptions were pushed back to
  • There is no way Shadow is going to be able to handle the amount of people that are all supposed to get activated on the exact same day

It just seems like Shadow panicked and pushed a bunch of subs back, so don’t expect them to deliver on time. I’m expecting that the majority of the subs listed as Dec. 31st will pushed back even more. Personally, if the date gets moved back further, I’m just going to get a refund. 

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