Email saying "Payment Issues", but my bank account was still charged.

  • 28 January 2023
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I’ve made 4 different accounts, used 2 different debit cards, and every single time it charges me the $1 for verification, then it charges me $29.99, both of them are successful and are taken out my account, but then after 25-30 minutes I get a email saying “Payment Issues” and then I get my money back around a hour or 2 later, but then this time I tried again and now it took my money out, said “Payment Issues” and has had my $29.99 for 12 hours, I just wanna play on my shadow, not have to deal with this.

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2 replies

Update: The $29.99 has now been fully taken out my account and is no longer pending, I haven’t received an email back from support yet and my Shadow PC still is saying I don’t have a subscription.

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Hey there @Blihh, I’ve checked in with the Support Team and they have informed me that they’ve replied back to you on Sunday. I recommend checking your inbox to see if you can find the reply.


You can also reach back out to them and ask them to check on your account and for another update.