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  • 27 June 2020
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Hi everyone,


my preorder status changed since yesterday and my subscription and payment site tells my, that my subscription ist active since 25. June. But everytime I'm trying to login I get the error “A:403 - e-mail or password incorrect” but I'm pretty sure I used the right ones. I also tried to login on three different devices (iPad, MacOS, Android) and changed my password. 


Is this maybe normal through activation? I hope someone could help me out. :)



Oma (from Germany)


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2 replies

Okay i’m confused. I’m too dumb to read.:laughing: It says for my first month “begin 25. july 2020” and “end 25. july 2020” and my next month for 14.99€ will be 25.july-25.august. Anyone who experienced the same? Will my first month be 25.july till 25.august?

Hi LieblingsOma, this error code usually happens when your Shadow hasn’t been activated.   If you see a subscription in your Account Page: → Subscriptions & Billings tab but your Shadow hasn’t been activated yet, this usually means that your Shadow is within the final stages of activation.  

Rest assured that your subscription page will change to reflect your billing cycle once your Shadow has been activated.  This means that you will not be losing any paid billing time and will not be charged again until one month after your subscription starts.  You will also receive an email once your Shadow is ready for use.