Frequent Service Disruption/Maitenance

  • 18 October 2021
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  • Application type (Windows) 

  • Shadow Client Version (Official)

  • Datacenter location (Chicago)


No response to my replies to my first ticket as well as my second ticket today. Graduated levels of frustration.

At this point, I just want my access restored through the file explorer so I can get the files I need and close my shadow account after 5 years.
I understand that the company is going through a lot of changes, but as a customer, I've had to put forth around 8-10,(a 500% increase VS the past 4 years combined) support tickets this year,  my price raised, and I'm getting less and less service. I'm paying for a service, and I've outlined avenues of compromise on these issues to accommodate the amount of shifts occurring internally, but they've been disregarded.

It is not on the part of the customer to  accommodate your company's internal shifts, and if it does fall on the customer, it's an even less sustainable business plan than previously.

I have had 2 months now at the new price, which essentially just shy of Doubled what I had been paying, and during the course of those two months, I have been restricted from accessing shadow for 6 of the 24 days I'm guaranteed some gaming time during those months.

An almost 200% increase in price does not compute with being provided 75% of the service.


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