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  • 17 February 2022
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You can access your account page here: https://account.shadow.tech/.  Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a bunch of tabs on the left-hand side of the screen.  

My Account

This stores all of your basic information: name, phone, etc.


My Shadow

Use this tab to factory reset your Shadow.  Please keep in mind that this will wipe any existing data from your Shadow but will not reset additional storage.  We highly recommend saving any information you’d like to keep on your local device before you initiate the factory reset.



This is where you have the ability to change your email or password as well as download any information from your Shadow account into a JSON file.  If you do not have an active subscription or outstanding bills, you’ll have the ability to delete your account here as well.  This will wipe your Shadow and delete any existing information on it.


Subscriptions & Billings

This is where you’ll find all information about your subscription, anything finance-related like invoices, and the options to purchase the Shadow Ghost and storage when available.  You can check out your subscription plan, billing information, subscription period, and even upgrade your subscription plan here if available.


My Orders

If you pre-ordered anything (ie. a Shadow Ghost or a new subscription plan), these will be reflected here.



The sixth tab is for Applications.  Here, you can download any of the Shadow clients that are compatible with your current device.   You can download either the Official and Beta version of Shadow.  However, we recommend staying with the Official client since the Beta application is for testing and not officially supported.  


Refer a Friend

Anything regarding your referrals, your referral code, and invitations you’ve sent friends will be here.  You’re more than welcome to contact support if you want to change your referral code.



This is for promotions or campaigns that we’ll run with partners like game developers.  Check in this tab for new campaigns!



Here, you can write tickets to our support team who are available for assistance daily.

At the bottom of any of these tabs, you may also see a button for LiveChat. Our LiveChats are only opened at certain times but you’re always welcomed to send a ticket to support instead of opening a LiveChat.

Any questions regarding your account specifically should be directed to our Support team through Ticket or LiveChat.

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