Had Shadow before, will I get it back on time? Do I even want it??

  • 4 October 2021
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I had Shadow for almost a year until a billing error in August, but when I first pre-ordered in mid-2020 I was able to access my Shadow Desktop in less than 4 weeks, then after a few months Shadow just wasn’t working right. After I lost access in August of this year(2021) I did a new pre-order only 2 weeks later and it says I have to wait until New Years Eve. This “next chapter” for Shadow seems to be much more of an abandonment than a step forward in any sense. -Better communication from your teams? Seems like half of your employees got fired. -Weekly Updates? Haven’t had a single update since June, and it was from someone who doesn’t work at Shadow anymore. -Get access to Shadow faster? I’ve seen nothing but complaints in this community forum about people having to wait LONGER than what they were promised.

At this point, I’m close to cancelling my pre-order because it seems like it’s not worth it anymore. Doesn’t even seem there are any people working at Shadow anymore, just automated machines and computers that have been setup for a while. Do you even have real people that work at Data Centers anymore? Is that why there were so many issues while I still had access, because nobody was working? I mean really, even when I could still use Shadow before the one billing error, after this “new chapter” started early this year it seemed like Shadow just started having issues at data centers nonstop and I could barely use Shadow half the time because it just wasn’t working. 

This sincere lack of communication or anyone working to help those of us who really benefit from using this service makes me think of an online school I attended at one point, but even the staff there would actually give us daily updates like they promised, and they’d actually try to fix computer issues on their end, unlike the Shadow team. 

So, unless we suddenly start to get some updates on what’s going on, or I somehow manage to get access to Shadow before that, I’m probably just going to cancel my pre-order before December, and try to get myself a good PC, because this just isn’t worth the cost if there’s no service and nobody bothering to keep it running. 


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Hello @XZdemo 
Activation time depends on the region you are ordering in. Different datacenters have different activation times. You can see your estimated activation date on your account page


Shadow lost many employees not because they were fired, but because the company went thru bankruptcy proceedings and other internal changes and shortages. Everyone wants to have a safe workplace and wants to be able to pay their bills. People were worried, which is completely fine. Therefore there are over 20 new job openings at Shadow which are supposed to improve communication, recruiting, software etc. 

I think a common misconception is that the new chapter brings a better shadow instantaneously. That’s just not the case. The new chapter is supposed to bring changes to the company itself to ensure a sustainable business. Therefore a new business plan is being set up and implemented, a new hardware provider and infrastructure provider is being worked in, new datacenters and datacenter migrations are planned, the pricing has been improved, the Ultra and Infinite tiers were cancelled because they were too expensive, hardware upgrades are planned and new hardware is currently being tested etc etc. This all leads to a better Shadow in the future, but right now we can just feel the impact of these changes, which is not good right now, but will be good for the future. 


If you want to hear news about shadow you can feel free to join the english Shadow discord community, accept the rules (otherwise you won’t get access to the server) and check out the new #community-news channel where new posts are made when something new is happening. Last relevant topics were Hardware upgrades, Shadow Staff, Shadow ultra and Infinite. 

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THIS is exactly the kind of communication and update that we want and need. Thank you very much for this information. I will join the discord ASAP so that hopefully I can get the proper information I need to try to answer the questions and worries I have, since the forums here aren’t as much help as they used to be.

I can definitely understand what’s going on better now, which has eased my worries and frustrations a bit, but I think my primary issue has been a seeming lack of any real updates of this fashion, to let the community know exactly what the delays are and why they exist. So many of us appear to feel left in the dark with no information to go on except what little they see still on the forums website here, so if the discord community has more frequent news and updates, then I would like to encourage any other worried users to head there as well. 

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Hi @XZdemo 

Say hi when you are on the discord! Were a friendly bunch! FYI the Phobos you see in the forums is the same guru (Yellow Name) in the discord and the same Gelgoog you see in the forum is the same Moderator in the discord. -Gelgoog.