• 20 November 2020
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Hello, I paid on October 22 and my account is still inactive. How long I have to wait until you activate my account?thancks


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Hi there, please use this article for an estimate as to when your Shadow will be activated.


From the link that BrittaneyFromShadow responded with, it depends on where you live.  If your data center is the New York data center like me, then you’ll be waiting until the end of January 2021.  


When I signed up, I was told that my Shadow Pc will be “available by 2021”, which sounds like it could be sooner, but the latest will be some time in January of 2021, but when I log into shadow to check, to says “Available on January 2021”, which sounds like my Shadow PC won’t be available until 2021, so I’m really really hoping it’s the first one, and by quoting “by” January 2021, is just Shadow Tech’s ways of under promising, and over delivering because it hard to have a good first impression of a company when they make you wait 3 months to use their product.


I understand activations take time, but if NY is showing to have a high subscriber base, then I would think that getting activates to take much less than 3 months, would be a high priority, especially when their are data centers in the states that say “Live - Within 24 hours”.


Either way, I’m hoping that it’s a huge case of under promising, and over delivering, and I’ll get an email much sooner than later saying my Shadow PC is ready, especially since I’m excited to show my 7 year old son what I think Shadow PC can do. 

thanks guys ...i leave in europe belgium.

@jb5027 It looks like Oct 1st to Oct 10th activations are being done this week for NY. After that is 2021. When did you pre-order?

Sorry for my english, i live in Europe-Belgium. My preorder is 22 octomber. thx