• 11 May 2021
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so first off can we push the date back to the 25th of may that would be great please and thankyou, also can you explain to me why im being pushed back to boost


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Hey @dfsdfsdfsdf 
“Our vision remains unshaken: make high-end computing accessible to all. And this is exactly what we set out to do with the launch of these next-gen offers last year. However, in order to establish and build a sustainable future for Shadow, we’ve decided to not continue our lease for RTX 5k/6k graphic cards with 2CRSI. We knew this would result in temporary hardship for our U.S. Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite users. But we also hope you understand we’ve meticulously reviewed the situation over the past months and believe this is the best path to ensure Shadow’s long term success and health and with it, a better and future-oriented service for you. Of course, Shadow will continue and grow in the U.S., but we have to reboot parts of it, on new, sustainable grounds. If you have any ideas and comments on what we should offer, what features you’d not want to miss, what price you’d be okay to pay etc., please let us know!

Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite in Europe will not be impacted, as they are running on OVH hardware - a sister company of HubiC (which Shadow is now a part of).”