Huge price jump

  • 16 June 2021
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So basically you're doubling the price of current subscriptions, but what do we get for it? Is it just pay twice for the same service? 

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6 replies


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What exactly I’m paying double for?  What’s in it for me? Atrocious behaviour and suspect I will be cancelling my subscription soon unless some significant change occurs.

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As far as I have been able to gather thus far (and they haven't bothered to provide any more info on this), basically the ultra and infinity tiers are gone, and now boost costs as much as ultra. 

I will also be cancelling soon unless something changes or at very least some clarity is provided. 

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You would expect, as a minimum, some immediate upgrade, some detailed roadmap, some discount for existing customers, something… some incentive to continue paying for the service.  It’s totally amateurish to have left us with nothing, treating a continued service as some sort of reward.

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There was talk that yearly subscribers would keep the same price until the year ended but the email neither confirms or denies it.In fact the e-mail says very little.I get it that they have to charge more to survive but the pr around this is terrible.They need to be way more transparent and send out proper information on the emails also  we should also be told when data centers and storage  are migrating .

The offer to current yearly subscribers should be same price until the year is up ,the next month free and then start the 29.99 and any price changes only when the storage is working properly.I like many,maybe only a few in reality want to keep shadow but reduce the extra memory.I don’t want to be stuck with  256gb nor do i want all the storage i have now.(well i do want it but i can’t pay £40+ a month.£33 for 512gb is pushing it tbh but pointless with less.

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I absolutely agree. This price hike is unacceptable. I’m in the United States and still don’t have the latest and greatest hardware. Still no RTX graphics. So why pay more money for old outdated hardware?