i got banned without any reason

  • 12 March 2023
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Hello, i bought shadow 1 2 hours ago, after i got it, i entered in it and because it was in german i go to shadow website to reset it, how long did i wait for it to reset i observed that i was logged out and my account was banned, but it's strange that I didn't receive any mail about this, I don't understand why I got banned, I didn't even use it, as soon as I received it I reset it, the worst part is that I really need shadow because I don't have a PC, I also bought a tablet with keyboard just for shadow, with power upgrade and 512 GB storage, i really need help 

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1 reply

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Sorry to hear that there was an issue with your account. I highly recommend reaching out to our Support Team from your account page so they can look into this and help provide more details on what had occurred with your subscription. 


You can also reach them here: