I have a couple Questions. Preferred Data Center, Activation times for Ohio, etc.

  • 15 January 2022
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So, I ordered my Shadow Boost last week and I was told I’d receive it before March 1st, 2022. I’ve seen some other people say that this time isn’t correct in their state so I was wondering if that date is accurate for Ohio users (where I live). Now, I just mentioned I live in Ohio, but I live VERY VERY close (20-30 minutes or so) from West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I don’t know if it would benefit me to say I live in one of those states or just say that I live in Ohio. I am right on the edge and I don’t know if it will benefit me with connection/activation time if I were to chose another state. Thank you for your time for my somewhat long read.

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Hey @tea-dog02!
The activation date depends on the datacenter. Every datacenter has a region that it covers. Right now the New York datacenter has an estimated activation date of March 1st. The next-closest datacenter would be Texas.

Here is a coverage map that may help you:

And here is a speedtest: