I have reached the end of my patience limit with Shadow. Here's my rant.

  • 13 July 2020
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Please get this straight with me shadow -

I’ve been living with my laptop for the past almost 2 months now, getting 3 fps while scrolling down the walmart webpage and taking 15 minutes to start up my computer. I am tired of this. Today, I wake up and perform my daily ritual - check my shadow if its activated. Then I see, gladly, that it’s moved to my subscription tab! I’m very happy, and try to sign into the launcher. “Sorry your shadow is being activated” WHY did you give me false hope that my shadow was going to be activated?? 


So I come here on the forums and they say once that happened it will take 1-2 days for me to be activated, then this weekly thingy comes out and boom bang dam, I have to wait another week. Early July is OVER! Do you hear me shadow? It’s over, yet you’re still pushing more time onto me blaming it on your “Partners”. It’s been far too long shadow and I am getting at the end of my patience with you. You better pull yourself together and get  your (pretty big) company back together, because right now its a total mess. I am extremely disappointed that once again I will not be getting my shadow by the predicted time and will be delayed once again. After this week ends, you’re going to have another stupid excuse, without any transparency for your buyers. All the info you give out is “Partners couldn’t deliver storage”. I want to know more! And your stupid predictions which are always off - don’t you feel like you're being a bit too optimistic? First it was 6-7 weeks, then it was End of June, the it was 6-8 weeks, now its early july, and after this what’s it going to be? Or is your definition of early july Late August? Because that's what I’m seeing here. For a entire week you only managed to get 2 days or so worth of activations done? And you leave false hope for people in the subscription tab? I don’t get what’s with you shadow but I am reaching the end of my patience with you. 


I don’t get what’s with you, paperspace stadia geforce now doesn’t have any problem with storage, but yet you have enough problems with it that you can delay your customers 3+ times!!!! All I wanted was to play some GTA 5 over the summer vacation. NOT HAPPENING it seems, all because of your “Partners who can’t deliver storage”. Yeah, OF COURSE i’m going to believe that. With thousands of people not activated you still take fridays off and only work 8 to 8 with a 3 hour lunch break. Your system for activation is also not so good - people in england got skipped with their activations and some person had no access to shadow but still was being billed. Over here at my subscriptions page it states that I should be activated today, see for yourself: 


 So you’re just going to change the “Starts of July 13th” date every day to the date the day is on because you want to keep people on their toes about their activations? If its not activated, why the heck would you put it in my subscriptions tab? It makes -10 percent sense to me, if it’s there, YOU SHOULD BE ACTIVATED. But your sense is to just put it there and change the date. Wow, make sense to me! 


I bet here that the only people defending shadow are already activated / only a couple of weeks into their wait period. You’re sitting back, relaxing with your shadow and tell other people who have been waiting months and months to “Be patient! It’ll come eventually”. Your “Order tracking” is an absolute joke, it said that I would be getting my shadow by June when JUNE WAS ALREADY OVER. There is NO INFORMATION whatsoever about activations except for your puny little weekly activation notice just to let people down and let them know about more delays. Shadow is officially the worst experience ever I have had with a company. 


I will not be canceling because I do indeed want my Shadow, however you are the least caring company for users that I have ever seen. 

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-10/10 rant, not enough rant. 
Oh wait, you cant see this anymore