Is there any Updates for Infinite users?

  • 24 November 2021
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So, i wait now almost 2 years for my activiation and i know the situations around that company right now but it would be great to have any timeframe of the activation.


Can you give me/us some hints or clues when we get our activation for that? 


Location: Germany

Server Location should be: Amsterdam


There are no updates or anything  for the estimated time and that is not ok. I repeat ALMOST 2 YEARS.





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3 replies

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Hello @Sodaboi 
An update has been posted a while ago in #community-news on Shadows Discord. You may want to join to always stay updated on different matters related to Shadow.

Shadow no longer has 3 different tiers available and is planning on having one single subscription, just "Shadow". No Boost, no Ultra, no Infinite. The newer tiers have already been canceled in the US and only a few are left in Europe. A few days ago some German users were given the opportunity to subscribe to one of these tiers for the very last time * . All slots available have been occupied already. From now on it is not possible to get a Shadow Ultra or Infinite anymore. The people who have accepted this offer will have the option to cancel their higher tier subscription any time, to eventually switch to the new Shadow offer, with better hardware, once these are fully rolled out. For more information about the upcoming free hardware upgrades feel free to check the previous post in this channel!

* German users were selected for this because they did not have the chance to get an Ultra or Infinite at release back in 2019.”

Thank you for your reply.


I recieve an offer in July already and accepted it but till now nothing happens. In my Shadow account it says still ‘’Shadow Infinite’’. 


I just like to use Shadow, but what should i do now? Cancel the subscirption? Just Wait?


Thanks in advance.

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@Sodaboi Best would be creating a support ticket and attaching screenshots. Maybe there was an issue while trying to migrate your account. If you cancel the subscription there will be no way to get a shadow infinite at all anymore.