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@Wellnice The manufacturing factories are shutdown or running at minimum capacity. Shipping lanes that are congested or shutdown. That brings shipping delays, manufacturing delays, anything you order from china right now will be more delayed, more expensive than before the virus. I usually say that we have to wait and see for information coming from Shadow, don’t bend things I said. And if you actually didn't care, I dont think you would be attacking me over it and we wouldnt be continuing to have this conversation either. :shrug:

Anyways, I understand you are frustrated, but sadly all we can do right now is wait for Shadow to out with news, bad or good. 

Holy crap girl you literally comment on people’s post saying they are wrong and the company is perfect. And then say they are “attacking” you when they comment back literally just stating you couldn’t be more wrong. That’s not an attack. Plus mind your own business if you want to be left alone lol. 

If you actually followed the conversation just a couple of messages above you would have seen that they responded to me first after I was just around in this post. I don't know what their problem is, I genuinely don't care and I'm not going to keep responding to them as they are just picking at me for the sake of arguing now even though they “don't care”. And funny you tell me to mind my own business when you’re currently getting in it. But in any case, I hope both of your frustrations can be addressed by Shadow when they come out with the news and answers that you so desire, we just have to wait and see. 

You literally commented on 2 of my comments without me talking to you first, so ya