Lack of communication is a mistake - Activation Updates.

To: @Ryan from Shadow, @Greta from Shadow 

We have read and seen all of your comments. We are temporarily closing down the comments to prevent misinformation. We understand the current frustration that people are experiencing and are working hard to address these issues. We will be coming out with more communication soon. We would like to reassure everyone that they will get their Shadow. 

-Greta, CM UK. 

In regards to your above decision to close the weekly activation updates, I want to point out as a customer I feel this is a mistake. You are taking a BIG step backwards, putting me back in the dark AGAIN and making me want to cancel my pre-order and just buy a PC! I’m sure there are others feeling the same way.

Keeping us informed of progress through activation is key to assurance that it is coming. Publishing this information weekly was refreshing and open and honest! Closing it off again just feels like cloak and dagger and dishonesty or an inability to deliver. If you can see a slip / behind trend for activation but know it there, emotions are handled better than just seeing a page that says ‘August’ ‘August’ ‘August’ then when August comes….. meh ‘October’… and there comes in the rage… where as if I can see from the open and honest data it’s looking like early -mid September… meh so be it and I’m good with that, I can make a choice. Information like there are {nnn} activations ahead of you in the queue would be awesome instead of just ‘some time in august… but probably September… or even October…. Hell by the time we get there… maybe December… WHO KNOWS?!?? But we thank you for your patience and understand your frustration….” SAVE IT, heard it before… substance… give me substance and this was that substance, not woffle.

Besides the dull of mind that just can’t read properly and function like literate human beings, asking “I put my order in last week and haven’t got it yet whats happening!???!?” it would be nice to have an answer to more pertinent questions like “Why are Paris etc and the other odd data centre SO far behind west coast America in terms of activations? What is being done to address this and balance your resources globally?” If we understand the issues you’re facing in these locations customers understand and are more likely to get behind you as a company and support and wait than just this ‘stuff this’ and cancel. Instead the only questions that get answered are how do I find where I’m getting hosted etc… 
Information is key.

stavlor 2 years ago

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@Wellnice The manufacturing factories are shutdown or running at minimum capacity. Shipping lanes that are congested or shutdown. That brings shipping delays, manufacturing delays, anything you order from china right now will be more delayed, more expensive than before the virus. I usually say that we have to wait and see for information coming from Shadow, don’t bend things I said. And if you actually didn't care, I dont think you would be attacking me over it and we wouldnt be continuing to have this conversation either. :shrug:

Anyways, I understand you are frustrated, but sadly all we can do right now is wait for Shadow to out with news, bad or good. 

Holy crap girl you literally comment on people’s post saying they are wrong and the company is perfect. And then say they are “attacking” you when they comment back literally just stating you couldn’t be more wrong. That’s not an attack. Plus mind your own business if you want to be left alone lol. 

If you actually followed the conversation just a couple of messages above you would have seen that they responded to me first after I was just around in this post. I don't know what their problem is, I genuinely don't care and I'm not going to keep responding to them as they are just picking at me for the sake of arguing now even though they “don't care”. And funny you tell me to mind my own business when you’re currently getting in it. But in any case, I hope both of your frustrations can be addressed by Shadow when they come out with the news and answers that you so desire, we just have to wait and see. 

You literally commented on 2 of my comments without me talking to you first, so ya