Latency not an issue for a creative project I hope to start sooner than next year? :)

Hello Shadow gurus. I'll answer my own question, yet open to ideas on a creative project: "You are the millionth person to ask this question and you will need to wait until your subscription is available in your region". That's fair and I accept.

With that out of the way: I'm looking forward to using the Unlimited plan to capture high resolution game scenes for use in animated desktop wallpapers ("still" video loops in animated game environments) that will be shared. Latency won't be an issue I think as I'll be recording from the remote machine, understanding my experience connecting to it could* be shotty.

With that said, I'm on a boost plan that starts around first of next year*. Are exceptions made for creative projects where latency is accepted with open arms under the agreement to be nice and not be jerk when latency is discovered? It would sure be an interesting alternative to my poor machine in need of upgrades (lag isn't the only problem there).

Thanks for taking a look and for the ideas!


Update: I received a tip from Discord to consider Shadow Business. I’ll check that out.

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