My order Available date changed.......

  • 25 August 2021
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my order available date changed from august 26th 2021 to Available on

December 31, 2021 wtf man?
Like I haven't waited long enough for this now you're going to add two more months?

 wtf…….. y now this is not the first time it changed . you keep pushing it back . come on man i gave you $ for something I can not use or any thing this is not rite man . I hope you plan on give compensation for this? as of rite now the review of give is not good . p.s. i do not know where to put this in your fourm. so here is where it will go sorry. 

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4 replies


yeah mine got delay to dec 31 to i was so excited for it but now i just thinking of just quitting if i dont get shadow by next mouth. 

ps December is in 4 mouths.

Same thinghappen to be been waiting since april not happy about it 


it even more sad because we was going to get my tomorrow

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Yea, this is super sad. I was so want to play tomorrow. Now my focus is on finding a new service.