My secondary drive was deleted X{

  • 12 June 2021
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It is not excusable deleting a gamers entire hard drive I pay you extra money for. Period. What am I paying you extra money for extra storage for if not a backup? Sorry let me add here, for the UPGRADE I paid you for. You deleted my extra space, for an upgrade….

Was somebody that dense or did you guys really think that was okay? I pay for GIGS ON GIGS of extra space, and you send me a message I have like a day to figure out how to move it? Seriously, something is wrong with the company.

I’m sure it’s somewhere in your NEW terms of service, that you can delete our stuff with short notice. The same TOS you changed after I pointed out being a creator and making money on the platform, was a violation of your own TOS. Where in as I was basically told not to worry about it. Real professional. Strange how that page changed after I made a fuss about it, into a TOS with actual professional legalese.

Disgusting, if I didn’t have to contact France and have to have a ton of money to do fight in court, I wouldn’t just be sitting here mad on a forum. You deleted our the extra space we paid for, then told us to figure it out before you deleted it, so you can upgrade us? Thanks a lot. If there is a new upgrade should we worry about that too, again?

If you’re looking for a problem to solve, I’d be interested in having my hours of customization into Grid 1, Torchlight modding, and all my other work you deleted. I’d ask for a refund for my losses, but we know how that would go.

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Hey @The Facebiters 
Try again.. I believe nobody wants to read thru this text and actually help you.