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  • 18 October 2021
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Hello, I'm requesting a refund since I was only able to properly use the service for like 24h and then it started stuttering on it's video after 10 or 15 min of logging into shadow, I have checked everything and still stutters and freezes for no reason, I have also tried GeForceNow or Xbox Gamepass cloud service that requires the same amount of network capabilities and never had one issue so it is not an internet issue or my peripherals.

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1 reply

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Note: The information provided below is outdated and this refund policy no longer exists with Shadow’s acquisition. Please contact support if you have any questions. 

Hello @Daigedatsu 

You have to request refunds via support ticket. A refund is only possible if you are in Europe and if your subscription is not older than 14 days. Some US States are so called "Explorer States". If you live in an Explorer State you may be eligible for a refund as well.

The light areas are Explorer States (map of USA)

If you need assistance on how to contact support you can feel free to check this guide: