New Badge Deadline?


Just curious, was the deadline set for 12PM PST (3PM EST) or 12PM EST (9AM PST). I checked the email and I got it a little after 12PM/Noon yesterday but I know their main US area is in California, not even taking the Europe side into the equation.


If its based on eastern I'm assuming I missed it, but if it's PST, I might have just squeezed by. 


PS. If this is the wrong spot or has already been answered I apologized. Just caught this on my lunch break and was trying to hurry up and register. I have been a sub going into my 2nd year and I'm a discord booster. Though I doubt subscription or discord has anything to do with the getting the badge, would be nice if it does though. (If I missed out, lol)


Good day all, catch ya when I'm off later tonight!





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Heya @Stormshift 


This badge is granted to people who register from yesterday 6PM CEST / 9AM PST and until today at the same hour.

If you’re eligible, you’ll get it. 


Let me know what happened.


Ahhh, thank you for the info!  Looks like I was just able to squeeze in since during the night I was awarded the badge.


The forums is a great idea to help people with repeat/common questions since we can refer them to the threads/stickies. Should definitely help the overflow on the discord channels a bit. Will also be good for those times where people ask in discord and kind of get lost in the shuffle at peak times.


Hopefully I'll be back on here & discord more, I know I haven't helped much in the past 2 weeks. My GPU went up so my main rig has been totally out of commission. According to UPS my new card should be coming sometime today. Fingers crossed I can be up and running this weekend!


PS. Since I am on mobile I am not sure if we are letting answered/finished threads fall over time, or if we should have them marked as Answered/Closed. I'm not seeing a box for that, so if an admin or mod has to mark/close the thread, feel free to do so!


Thanks all! See you around!

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Make sure to mark it as the answer if it helped you so others can find it aswell!