No service entering month 3, still taking money

  • 3 June 2022
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Can you please provide contact details for finance and complaints department? I am entering my third month without Shadow and you're still taking payment and offering no ETA.

At the moment, Shadow is stealing my, and other people's, money and not providing a solution. All while still selling the product and activating for new users. 


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2 replies

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Here you go!

Shadow Support: - From your account page, click Support: - If you are unable to access your account page, use the Help Desk:

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@Gelgoog please advise where on that page where does it answer my question? I have asked support for this information who have yet to provide it despite multiple emails.


I w.ould like direct emails for the complaints department plus finance email address.

I am also researching the French equivalent for Trading Standards.

This isnt a service and your reply doesn't help matters.