Operation Reboot - already moved?

  • 23 February 2022
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I joined Operation Reboot with reset of the VM option when it was announced, then i got a mail that i will be moved on the 18.02.2022.

On the 18.02.2022 i got another email that they gonna start on this day and it will take a bit of time until mid march, to migration everyone.

Now i noticed that my Shadow has an german IP which is located near Frankfurt am Main, so i think i already got migrated to Limburg?

Then there are two other questions if i was already migrated:

Why wasn’t my Shadow reseted as announced?

Will there be additional Storage available after everybody got migrated?

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1 reply

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Hey there @Forsaked. If you aren’t sure if your Shadow has migrated yet, please go ahead and reach out to our wonderful Support Team from your account page ( so that they can inform you on where your Shadow is currently located and answer your other migration questions.