Placed order not visible plus 8 transactions on my paypal

  • 16 July 2020
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Hi support,


Your bot is down so ill ask it here. I wanted to order the normal shadow again and when I needed to pay, it said my credit card is not allowed. I use paypal so this is really strange. So I tried a couple of times and when I checked my paypal, there are 8 transactions pending…. Can this all be canceled to just 1 subcription?


Also, the order is not visible in my orders. Can this be checked?


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3 replies

It says in dutch: credit car has been rejected while I want to use paypal


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You would have to contact support, they are the only ones able to help with billing issues. You can also try paying with just your card, not PayPal.

Hi Daxcy, as Lily mentioned, I would recommend reaching out to support regarding this.  However, if it says that your card was declined, it’s highly possible that we did not take payment out of your account and it is still marked as pending.  If that’s the case, your financial institution will be the ones in charge of depositing these funds back into your account.