Possible to transfer data center (if OK with having data erased)? If not, possible to "pause" annual subscription?

  • 31 July 2020
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Hi all -

Happy Friday. I work full-time in New York City. However, for the past month I have returned to my hometown in California and will be here for a few more months. Evidently, my connection to the New York data center isn’t A+ give the distance. Has anyone had experience with transfering data centers? I am OK with having my data wiped.


If data transfers are not possible, has anyone had experience with having their Shadow subscription “paused” until I can use the service again?


Appreciate any help here. Thanks!


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contact support

i was “moved” from us to europe but this was 1 ½ years ago. at that time activations were done same day. now with the queues who knows what is possible and what not.

at that time with the help from support the us account was closed after I had created a new eu account.

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Unfortunately you will likely not be able to do that and will either have to cancel the existing subscription or keep it going and get another subscription in the California region.