Power Upgrade Not Kicking In

  • 24 January 2023
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I paid the full $45 three days ago, expecting the Upgrade to kick in. I have completely erased my Shadow PC multiple times hoping that would do the trick, but I am still running a system with a P5000 and 12 GB memory.

Having a real hard time contacting Shadow Support in order to sort this out. I have sent multiple emails to Shadow support via the official website. Never got an email confirmation of their reception of my messages and it has been over 72 hours. 

Discord and Reddit support has also hit a wall. 

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2 replies

Same situation here.   My wait time is more recent, but I would have expected to receive the upgrade in less than three days.   I deleted all my info because I needed the new machine to start working, now I am just losing money.

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Sorry to hear that your Shadow has not been upgraded to the Power Upgrade. Since it’s been a while, can you recontact our Support Team so they can look into this and provide you with an update?