• 28 March 2021
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So i plan on giving Shadow a try, recommended from my brother since i cant afford to buy a pc outright, however bein in NY, the pre order status says avaliable by oct 23 2021, will it really take 7 months or whatever it is, to access my shadow? I mean in that time i could save the money up for  gaming pc


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Hey @Atreyu,

yes, that is why it is called a pre-order. Current supply issues and high demand cause some more waiting time.

Will i be charged durin the wait? Because thats absolutely ridiculous to pay for something i cant use for 7 mo ths

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@Atreyu You will not be charged while waiting. You'll pay for the first month of subscription upfront but it will only start counting once you get access to your Shadow. Your new monthly billing date will be set to that date, and your second monthly payment will be debited one month after accessing your account.


One more question lol sorry,  is there a way to upgrade to ultra or infinite prior to boost activation or do i need to wait for my activation of my shadow boost? Thank you

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@Atreyu You need an active boost subscription to be able to upgrade to Ultra or Infinite. Altho, higher tiers are only available in 3 datacenters right now and out of stock in all of them. See: