Problems paying for Power pre order

  • 26 October 2022
  • 3 replies

Hello, i received the email for my pre order and have now tried 3 different cards (4 times) and get an error everytime i try to pay. The money is pending out of my account (nearly £200 now) any help with this issue?

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3 replies

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Same here, tried multiple cards and failed. Now its not even letting me try just says i already have shadow upgrade through your account page, and just repeats. 

And the shadow ticket responses have been useless, trying to blame my cards and everything else but actually taking responsibility for a bad system 


Same here, tried 2 different cards and also had no luck…

Same.  I tried to reach out to support but they said wait 24 hours.  I’ve waited 48 hours and I still get the red error of death at the bottom of the screen.

I am about ready to give up on this service...but I like Shadow a lot in the past.