Really wanting an answer from Shadow about ultra and infinite

  • 9 January 2021
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Sorry everyone, but we need to maintain order on these “question of the week” threads. If your question isn’t about ARM processors, either ask it during the stream when it opens up to free questions, which is totally okay, or create a post about it on the forums, which is also totally okay. If you post it here, it’s just going to get moved out of the thread anyway. Sorry.

Sorry but this advice is garbage. We get ignored by the community managers since summer is ridiculous! Opening a new thread will just end up in an empty thread that gets ignored.
“ask it during the stream” hahaha funny...guess you haven’t seen the live stream where Luc sat there shamefully ignoring the dozens of people asking about Ultra/Infinite. They just picked up random questions and simply tried to ignore it...

Ridiculous how you treat YOUR customers.

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