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So basically I just got the Shadow Boost in the California datacenter, and I was wondering how long it took other people to get their Shadow subscription activated. Because for some reason it says its going to be “ready” December 31, 2021. And I still think that is a little long to wait for it, because by that time I will have probably forgotten that I bought shadow...

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Due to the current company situation new orders have been estimated a few months longer than usual. However, it's just an estimation.. It could be a lot shorter, depending on what happens in the coming months.

Activation times depend on region. Other regions have shorter waiting times, while others are experiencing higher demand and/or less supply which increases the waiting time.

I was told same thing not until december.




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I ordered on March 02  at the Cali data center with a date of May 31 for activation. Still haven't had mine activated and they told me the whole runaround about how it could be a shorter activation timeframe depending on circumstance. I'm just hoping I at least get it activated by May 31 and not have a delay after the timeframe given. I love shadow and I will say it should be worth the wait. I used to have an account pre pandemic and it worked amazing. Gaming was superb and Photoshop and video editing was much better than what would be possible on the laptop I use to stream it.