shadow activation was 29 july

  • 24 August 2021
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My shadow was supposed to activate on the 29th of July according to your website. I have not received any email and have been very patient. When can I play and I expect my subscription to only start at activation.

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6 replies

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Hey @Noam 

You signed up for a pre-order and have been provided with an estimated date. This estimated date may change, depending on many factors. People are being activated all the time and it is just a matter of a little more patience until you get your shadow access. For more questions about specific details on your specific matter feel free to create a support ticket from your account page. We can only provide general answers here.

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They make me sick talm bout “little more patience” ITS BEEN MONTHS! y’all be so quick to take money tho!

Yeah great but the date is in the past!!!! It has not been changed please fix thanks.

I was also July 29th. Ordered it March 10th. Was then told August 26th. I am now being told January 2022

Lol typical... I ordered in January hoping I could enjoy some games after university and before work. My expectations were to high...

lmao mine went from august 26th to december 31st